Reinforce your team’s GD&T knowledge with customized consulting.

Ensure that your prints are up to spec with additional support tailored to complement your team’s GD&T training.


The Benefits of Consulting with a GD&T Expert

Real-World Relevance

Learn how to apply the concepts of GD&T to your company’s actual prints and production processes with guidance from a GD&T certified professional.

Flexible Schedule

Avoid interrupting your busy production schedule by working with a live expert to supplement online GD&T training when it’s convenient for your team.

One-on-One Interaction

Engage with senior-level GD&T certified professionals who bring their engineering expertise directly to your team either on-site or remotely online.

Tailored Solutions

Prevent costly errors and communication breakdowns in your production process with customized consulting tailored to solve specific issues.

Our GD&T Consulting Process

Step 1:

Work collaboratively with our GD&T certified instructors to create a personalized training and consulting plan that aligns with your company’s budget, schedule, and specific GD&T implementation objectives.

Step 2:

Team up with our dedicated onboarding specialist to facilitate your team’s enrollment in the required GD&T course(s) and gain full access to our comprehensive online resource platform.

Step 3:

Equip your team with a strong foundation of GD&T concepts and ensure their success by completing the planned training programs before scheduling dedicated consulting hours.

Step 4:

Strengthen your GD&T knowledge and gain invaluable practical experience as our consultants expertly lead you through industry-specific examples and detailed explanations.

GD&T Consulting Services

Drawing Design Reviews

Examine your company’s prints with a senior-level certified GD&T instructor to identify improvements that could streamline your production and improve your parts.

Drawing Inspection Reviews

Evaluate your company’s prints with a Senior-Level Certified GD&T Instructor and create an inspection plan based on your company’s inspection capabilities and tools.

Custom Design Application Assessment

Practice taking a part all the way from model to fully manufacturable print with this graded assessment to test each employee’s proficiency at applying GD&T to real parts.

Custom Inspection/Interpretation Assessment

Create an actionable inspection plan for a sample part based on its print with this graded assessment to test each employee’s aptitude for interpreting GD&T in real life.

Dispute Resolution

Analyze specific internal or external disputes with suppliers or customers to better understand how to achieve resolutions backed by universal engineering standards.

Deviation/NCR Debugging

Troubleshoot problematic designs to identify ways to make parts easier to manufacture and inspect, using GD&T best practices to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

ASME Technologist or Senior-Level Certification Coaching

Discover how the ASME GDTP Professional Certification Program works, and create a study plan with our senior-level certified professional instructors to prepare for the exam.

Deep Dive Customization

Take a deeper dive into specific engineering topics that impact your company’s production process to ensure that commonly used concepts are fully understood.