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1. Course Description

Our GD&T Advanced course builds upon the core framework established in the GD&T Fundamentals course. Because Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing standards cover every manufacturing application across every industry, the GD&T Advanced course gives students a more comprehensive understanding of GD&T standards and their application. This course fleshes out our Fundamentals framework to show students how every GD&T Symbol and Callout are used.

2. Course Objectives

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand every term and concept contained within the GD&T Standards  
  • Learn how advanced datum controls are interpreted and applied in measurement 
  • Understand functional gaging and how to design a gage for quick part inspection  
  • Learn the benefits of composite controls for position and profile tolerances and how to interpret them  
  • Know how to calculate fixed & floating fastener applications and guarantee the fits of bolted connections 
  • Learn cost saving techniques that benefit manufacturing processes and inspection 
  • Perform boundary tolerance calculations on parts to detect minimum and maximum limits  
  • Gain a full understanding of their industry’s specific topics in the ASME Y14.5 standard 

You’ll leave this course equipped to design, interpret, and understand GD&T real engineering drawings—and empowered to work more confidently, communicate more clearly, and produce parts more efficiently.

3. Who it is for

Our GD&T Advanced course is great for individuals and companies seeking advanced techniques to save costs, open up tolerances and understand GD&T best practices for design, production and inspection.

Our Advanced GD&T course is ideal for:

  • Design Engineers
  • Lead Inspectors and Inspection Planners
  • Lead Machinists and Operators
  • Drafters/Designers
  • Tool/Gage Engineers
  • Engineering Managers and Supervisors
  • Manufacturing Engineers

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4. Requirements (Materials and Classes)
  • Our Advanced course is Part 2 of our GD&T Professional Program, following Part 1: GD&T Fundamentals.
  • To enroll in the GD&T Advanced course, you can register for the GD&T Professional Bundle, which includes both our GD&T Fundamentals and Advanced courses in one program – or our Engineering Expert Bundle, which includes our Print Reading and Tolerancing course and both GD&T courses in one program. 
  • No additional materials to purchase – everything you’ll need is included (see below)
5. What is Included
  • 24/7 access to our online course on any device for 3 or 12 months, depending on training program:
    • 3-month access with live training
    • 12-month access with online training
  • Direct instructor email support with access to pre-recorded video answers
  • Live and pre-recorded webinars offering design, production, and inspection walk-throughs
  • Helpful charts, drawing examples, practice exercise worksheets, and other printable handouts
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks to gauge progress throughout the course
  • Certificate of course completion along with a LinkedIn Skills Badge
6. Available Formats (Learning Methods)

Learn how to interpret Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing whenever, wherever, and however is most convenient for you. Our GD&T Fundamentals & Advanced courses are available in the following formats:

  • On-Site Training, where an instructor visits your facility to provide customized hands-on training for your team
  • Virtual Training, where an instructor provides customized training for your team through live video conferencing
  • Online Course, where you access quizzes and videos-on-demand to progress through training at your own pace—either alone or along with your team
  • Hybrid Learning, where you combine the self-paced online course with customized consulting to reinforce your print reading competence

Whether you prefer to learn on your own or with a live instructor, in a group, online, or in-person, we can design a training plan tailored to meet your needs.

7. Curriculum

To download the course syllabus for Print Reading and Tolerances.

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