ECM offers comprehensive consultations, services and support for new and pre-owned CMMs

Whether you are a CMM owner/operator looking to increase quality and improve productivity or eliminate downtime and reduce the operating costs of your equipment, ECM’s experienced technicians can assist you in accomplishing your goals. With the help of our highly trained and experienced service technicians, your business can achieve consistent, reliable and accurate inspection results; extending the life of your machine while functioning at its maximum accuracy and performance.

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Bring geometric deviations – straightness, rotation, linearity, angularity, and squareness – into sharp focus.

Offering 24/7 onsite CMM repair services and support. Try our “Repair by Exchange” program.

ECM trained technicans specialize in performing onsite CMM hardware and software upgrades.

Our experienced team will help you safely move your CMM from one location to another and recalibrate it onsite

We have in-house CMMs running 24/7 to make sure your parts are inspected at the highest quality standard

Our experienced in-house CMM programmers will assist with any of your programming needs